Replace first letter of each word with another letter in Java

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In this post, we will look at how to replace the first letter of each word with another letter in Java.


  • Convert str to char array
  • Iterate char array and find the letters whose previous letter is space
  • Replace the letter with the new character
  • Convert char array back to String


Let’s have a look at the program.

// Java program to demonstrate
// how to replace first character
// of each word with another
// character
public class ReplaceFirstLetter {
	public static void main(String[] args) {

		String str = "java is the best programming language";

		System.out.println("Actual String = " + str);
		// get the char array from str
		char[] charArr = str.toCharArray();
		char newChar = 'P';
		boolean isPreviousCharSpace = true;

		for (int index = 0; index < charArr.length; index++) {

			// check if the char is a letter
			if (Character.isLetter(charArr[index])) {

				// if the previous character
				// is space then replace the char
				// with another character
				if (isPreviousCharSpace) {
					// replace char with newChar
					charArr[index] = newChar;
					// reset the flag
					// as we already replaced the char
					isPreviousCharSpace = false;
			} else {
				// check if char is space
				isPreviousCharSpace = true;

		// print the replaced string
		System.out.println("Replaced String = " + String.valueOf(charArr));


Actual String = java is the best programming language
Replaced String = Pava Ps Phe Pest Programming Panguage
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